BrainovateTM works for open-minded, forward-looking, ambitious people in some of the best organisations around the world. People who want to challenge their organisation’s status quo and who want to find their leaders within who can take the business to the next stage.

Our clients are usually board level or senior management teams and they could be anywhere in the world. We regularly work in Europe and the Middle East but also in Asia and Africa. If a plane goes there, so can we.


Roxana Egerau

Business Operations Leader, Oracle

Working with Brainovate is like taking a fresh breath full of creativity.Extremely dynamic and engaging, always catered to the customer’s needs and improved or changed on the go. It’s flexible and reliable, an experience people always remember fondly.

Carmen Maftei

HR Head , Citi Romania

We greatly benefited from the experience, having seen impact and improvements in attitudes and behaviours, both as a team and individuals.

Stefan Picard

Managing Director, Lagardere

Dynamic, fun and informal approach to develop and harmonise our management team leadership profile.

Rob Kenney

HR Director,  ASAHI

Brainovate have delivered a range of fun, engaging and thought provoking development interventions across our business which have added value for the business and the people who have been able to attend.


Doru Luchian

People Development Manager and HRBP for International Development, eMag

We’ve worked with Brainovate in building one of our most important internal leadership development programs. It felt great to know that we have a partner beside us that wants to make a difference and have a real impact on  our company and in the development of our people.

Stephane Dumas

Managing Director , Meli Melo Paris

Brainovate made a huge and measurable impact on the success/growth of our global business but also on our mindset by creating real and lasting connections between the members of our team.  Simply brilliant creative professionals and coaches.