The identity and contact data of the seller
The owner of the (the „Website”) is the company The Training Boutique SRL, with headquarters in Ostratu Village, Corbeanca Commune, 30D Hipodromului Street, Ilfov County, Romania, registered with the Trade Registry under no. J23/1727/2006, unique identification number 14823562, as the seller (the“Seller”).

The products sold on the Website are usually end-goods meant for end consumers (the„Buyers”) who use the Website to launch purchase orders / purchase offers (the „Order”). The present Terms and Conditions do not apply to cases where the entity intends to buy the goods from the Seller in wholesale, for the purpose of resale or distribution.

The proposal for the conclusion of the purchase contract is the placement of the offered goods by the Seller on the Website (the “Offer”). The sale-purchase contract (the “Contract”) is concluded when the Seller responds to an Order through an order confirmation on a durable support, usually through a confirmation e-mail sent to the Buyer (the „Confirmation”).

The products
All products presented on the Website are new. The displayed pictures are for information purposes only – the colour and some of the details might be different from those in the displayed images.

Some of the products displayed on the Website might not be in stock at certain times. The Seller reserves its right to refuse a certain Order in case the respective product is no longer in the store’s stock or is not available due to reasons independent of the Seller.

The Seller reserves the right to cancel the Order or part thereof before the purchase Contract is concluded in the following cases: the goods are no longer manufactured or delivered or the price of the goods supplier has changed significantly. If the Buyer has already paid a portion of the purchase price or the full purchase price, this amount will be refunded.

Placing a product in the basket, in the absence of the Order completion and of Confirmation, does not mean the registration of an Order, nor the reservation of the product until the Confirmation is made.

The price displayed on the Website is the final price of the product. To it the Seller shall add delivery costs, which vary depending on the delivery area and on the chosen delivery service. The Seller shall try, to the largest extent possible, to offer the Buyer an estimation of delivery prices, before the Order is launched.

The Seller reserves their right the change the price of products, without any previous notification. The Seller shall not modify the value of the Order after Confirmation by e-mail.

Commitment of Orders
The Seller undertakes to fulfil any Confirmed Order within the term displayed [or within 30 days] from the Confirmation.

The Seller can cancel or delay the delivery of a Confirmed Order only in case of exceptional justified reason, or in case of a fortuitous or force majeure case.

The Seller shall not be held liable for delays due to the transportation services, from the moment when the latter have taken possession of the products.

By completing the Order, the Buyer confirms that all the data the Buyer has supplied, necessary for the fulfilment of the sale Contract, are correct, complete and true, on the date the same had launched the Order. The Buyer shall be held liable for any damages caused by incorrect information supplied.

The Seller has the obligation of providing only the payment means displayed on the Website at the moment the Order is launched.

In case of online payments through credit cards or other similar instruments, the Seller is not/cannot be held responsible for any additional cost undertaken by the Buyer, including, but without being limited to currency conversion fees applied by the bank issuing his/her card, any payment service taxes and fees, etc. The responsibility for such taxes and rates are the sole responsibility of the Buyer.

Additional information
The Seller shall try to provide Buyers with additional information regarding the products sold on the Website but does not undertake to answer all questions or provide all requested information.

Intellectual Property
The content of the Website, including, but without being limited to logos, stylized representations, commercial symbols, static images, dynamic images, multimedia text and/or content presented on the Website, are the exclusive property of the Seller, if they do not belong to other manufacturers or distributors, all the rights to such materials, whether obtained directly or indirectly (through user and/or publishing licenses), belonging to the respective rightsholders („Intellectual Property”).

The Seller or the respective rightsholders reserve all Intellectual Property related rights, while the Website visitors are not allowed to copy, distribute, publish, transfer towards third parties, modify and/or otherwise alter, use, connect to, expose, include any element of the Intellectual Property.

The Buyer agrees that the Seller can contact him/her, through any of the means available / accepted by the Seller, in any situation which requires contacting the Buyer including for Order related notifications.

Modifications of the document
The present General Provisions are updated periodically; anytime the Seller makes an update, the Seller will display the same on its Website.

The date of the last update: November 2018