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GDPR Privacy Policy for Brainovate and Personal Strengths Romania

  1. Who are WE?
  2. Who You are!
  3. How We collect Your personal Information?
  4. How We use Your personal information?
  5. How We secure Your personal information?
  6. How long do We keep Your personal information?
  7. With whom do We share Your personal information?
  8. What are Your rights over Your personal information?
  9. Who do you contact if You feel Your personal information has not been handled correctly?
  10. What if, You have further questions and queries?



  1. Who are WE?

 Under the legal entity, The Training Boutique S.R.L , we have reunited 2 brands: Brainovate ( and Personal Strengths ( Both provide solutions that don’t come “off-the-shelf”, as we work with you to find and tailor the right programme for your organization.

 As the official distributor for Personal Strengths in Romania and Moldova for the complete suite of motivational and strengths-based assessments, we also provide the global SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) qualification and access to the SDI assessments. You can see Personal Strengths’ Romania privacy policy on our website .

 In broad strokes, as creative leadership consultants, WE at Brainovate offer organizational, team and leadership development, training and coaching. Our main focus areas are:

  • Leadership
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Leadership Wellness and personal development
  • Team Building
  • Team and motivational profiling
  • Organizational culture


Since We like to stay up to date, we are also active on social media, and you  can read up on our news and interests both on LinkedIn and Facebook. (LinkedIn Brainovate page, LinkedIn Personal Strengths Romania page, Brainovate Facebook page; Personal Strengths Romania Facebook page).




  1. Who You are! 

In the past 16 years, You have probably been one of our clients or participantsYou have been recommended to us as someone with both an interest and a decision power over people development issues. WE have probably spoken or met to discuss personal development, leadership trainings or WE have crossed paths at different job fairs or diverse training conferences and networking events.

You have made decisions that have engaged your teams and brought forward new breath within your organization.

If this is not the case, You have definitely received, along the years, our tailored email communications in the form of our Open Workshop announcements or tailored meeting invitation emails. For us, You are a decision maker, for both your own personal development, as well as your team’s and organization’s development.




  1. How We collect Your Personal Information?

First of all, we would like to define, what is Your Personal Information. We collect Your: full name, contact details (email and contact number), company name and position held.

We search all available public online records (Social Media Profiles: Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., Google Search, etc.) and collect this information into our HubSpot CRM Cloud AccountWehave been informed about their own GDPR compliance and You can read up on it here.

We also collect and store all physical and electronic transactional records pertinent to service purchases (Purchase Orders, Contracts, Receipts, Course Attendance Sheets, etc.).




  1. How We use Your personal information?

 We use Your Personal Information to send legitimate business interest emails pertinent to the universe of Personal and Organizational Development. (i.e. – Training Announcements, Meeting Invitations, Course Curriculums, Class Enrollment Lists, Team and Company Updates, etc.).

Your Personal Information may be used, depending on Your specific training offer, in conjunction with other online tools (Personal Strengths Internationally, Internal Wellness Program and Audit, etc.) You can read about the global privacy policy for Personal Strengths here.

We do not take SPAM lightly, and We consider Your time as well as ours valuable.




  1. How We secure Your Personal Information?

We are geared towards personal development and as such We are not interested in making a profit from Your Personal InformationWe do not sell, nor do We purchase mailing lists from 3rd parties. This is one of our promises!

Since all Your Personal Information resides within our HubSpot Cloud Account, this is not stored or saved on any other devices. When we require an overview, we will make sure the data downloaded is deleted.

 We would also like to promise, that We will ensure our full compliance with the legislation, should this change in the future and require further security steps.




  1. How long do We keep Your Personal Information?

After the 25th of May 2018, this will be totally up to you! Since Your Personal Information has been collected from previously attended workshops, team development or coaching programmes under our brands legal umbrella, be them individual or company wide, or from all available public records, meetings we’ve had, recommendations or events we’ve attended together, direct requests from or on your behalf, this data has been stored and used from our personal fully licensed hardware and software (i.e. – desktops, laptops, mailing and security software, etc.).

No data will be kept longer than necessary for the legitimate business interests. We consider reasonable to approach our clients many years after they have attended our programmes.

Should You not, please let us know by emailing us at





  1. With whom do We share Your personal information?

As promised above, We do not share Your Personal Information with any 3rd party.

We analyze this data internally and organize it, in order to be able to subtract information pertinent to our own organizational development (i.e. – improved facilitation, tailored developmental programmes, etc.).

This organized information may be used between the two brands as demonstration of our experience and expertise. (i.e. – anonymized company case studies).




  1. What are Your rights over Your personal information?  
  • Your identity is protected at all timesIf You have authorized a 3rd party to submit any type of requests on Your behalf, we will ask them to provide Your consent.


  • You have the right to request all details that are pertinent to Your Personal Information. These will be provided in an email once you’ve sent us your request at .


  • You have the right to ask for the correction of Your Personal Information, if incorrect, out of date or incomplete.


  • You have the right to unsubscribe from our email communications. We will stop any further emails from being sent out.


  • You have the right to the deletion of Your Personal Information from our records by letting us know through an email sent to requesting us to delete your personal records.




  1. Who do you contact if You feel Your personal information has not been handled correctly?


If You feel that Your Personal Information has not been handled correctly or You are unhappy with our response to any requests You have made to us, regarding the use of Your Personal Information, You have the right to lodge a complaint with the National Authority in Data Protection and Use (





  1. What if, You have further questions and queries?

 We hope this Privacy Policy has been helpful in setting out the way We handle Your Personal Information and Your rights to control it.

 If you have further questions and queries, that have not been covered, please just get in touch:

  • Email as us at;
  • Tel: +40 722 311 878;
  • Write to us at: Str. Hipodromului 30D, Ostratu, Ilfov, Romania;