SDI Qualification Workshop

In partnership with PSP Romania.Moldova.Poland we are running another international SDI qualification in 2018 in Bucharest (dates to be announced).

Experience the power of SDI in action while learning valuable facilitation skills. You will discover how the SDI and Relationship Awareness Theory can enhance results in your own area of application. This course will give you the resources and confidence to start working with the SDI the very next day. This 2-day workshop certifies you to access, administer, and debrief SDI self-assessments in an individual and team setting. You will learn the key principles of Relationship Awareness and discover how to seamlessly integrate relationship and conflict management skills into a variety of applications such as leadership development, team effectiveness, coaching, influence, project management, sales and communication. We will help you apply the SDI principles and the tools in your specific areas of interest by looking into coaching conversations, the use of videos to facilitate learning, exercises and games available for SDI facilitators. Successful completion of this course qualifies you to purchase and use the SDI self-assessment tools.

To find out more about the SDI motivational and relationship building tool, please see here.